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Sales Office
4800 20th Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Dock Office
5219 Shilshole Avenue NW Seattle, WA 98107

Fuel Location for vessels is located on the north side of the Salmon Bay Canal. We are sandwiched between Sagstad Marina and Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel.

By mail:
P.O. Box 17913
Seattle, Washington 98127-1913

By telephone:
1-800-833-3132 Toll-free

By fax:
Sales: 206-782-6993
Accounting: 206-784-9253
Dock: 206-782-7329

By email:
Inside sales
Mike Nichols
Pollard Boykin

Outside sales
Ron Siegle
Tim Morgan

Fuel dock
Mason Williams
Robert Williams

Accounts payable
Teresa Costle
Accounts receivable
Janet Miller

Sales & Dock Office:
Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm
Dock Office only:
Saturday 8am - Noon
Please call for holiday hours or closures

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