About Us

Covich Williams Inc. supplies fuel, lubricants, filters and related products to customers in the Puget Sound area. These products include Chevron Lubricants, Baldwin Filters, Parker-Racor fuel/water separators and many other product lines such as oil sorbents and booms, EAL fluids, cleaners, degreasers, fuel additives, kerosene, cooling system additives, among others. Our services include a fueling facility on the Ship Canal in Ballard as well as a fleet of bulk lube and fuel trucks. We offer free local daily delivery service for package goods and weekly delivery as far north as Bellingham and as far south as Tacoma.

We have a long history of sales and service to the marine market in the Pacific Northwest, mainly commercial vessels but also pleasure craft. Although the marine markets are still our main focus, over the years we have branched out into auto service and dealerships, repair services and industrial markets. 

Our 6 person sales team includes 2 outside salesmen and 4 inside salesmen with well over 100 years of combined experience.