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A pipeline ruptures. A barge runs aground. A piece of machinery leaks. No operation is immune to leaks. Oil spills are usually costly, dangerous and difficult to eliminate. It's not a questions of IF you'll have an oil spill, but WHEN.

Whether your spill is just a quart from machinery, or a lake-sized spill from a tank or vessel, Covich Williams has solutions for you. We stock sorbents in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from pads, rolls and booms to sweeps, pillows and particulate. Each absorbs up to 25 times their own weight in oil swiftly and efficiently, yet they continue to float until retrieved.

Our sorbent products are easily deployed and retrieved without special equipment or specially trained personnel. It costs no more to buy the best. That's why Covich Williams stocks top quality sorbents from top quality manufacturers.

Oil Dri Catalog (3.4mb PDF file)

Oil Bilge & Boom (135kb PDF file)

Oil Poly Socks (99kb PDF file)

Oil Dri Oil-Only Pads (115kmb PDF file)

Oil Dri Oil-Only Rolls (128kb PDF file)

Optisorb DE Flyer (809kb PDF file)

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