We've got the finest filter systems available

Covich Williams is proud to offer filtration systems from three of the finest manufacturers currently available.

Wherever you find equipment at work, you'll also find Baldwin Filters. Baldwin's business is protecting engines and engine-powered systems. During six decades of steady growth, Baldwin has become a world-class filter manufacturer positioned in the top rank of heavy-duty brands. Baldwin filters are the world-wide choice for rugged jobs.

Sophisticated electronic engines and demanding environmental regulations require enhanced filtration systems. Parker-Racor designs and builds the world's best fuel-water separators, crankcase ventilation systems and air filters for both marine and on- and off-road use.

Now there's a permanent oil cleaning solution to help fleet operators reduce maintenance costs and extend the service life of heavy-duty, diesel engines: the Spinner II® CS oil cleaning system. It combines the superior engine protection of a powerful Spinner II oil cleaning centrifuge with the economy and convenience of a full-flow, spin-on cleanable screen.

Racor Marine Filtration Systems (9.6mb PDF file)

Racor Air Filtration (2.3mb PDF file)

Racor CCV Products (2.1mb PDF file)


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